Curt Linderman Bio

Curt Linderman Sr. is the happily married father of four that lives on his horse ranch in NE Missouri. His youngest son, Kaden, was vaccine injured at 20 months. This single incident is what prompted his investigation into the atrocities beset on mankind that has culminated into Linderman Unleashed, a radio broadcast not for the faint of heart.

Linderman Unleashed Reviews VAXXED From Cover Up to Catastrophe

My lovely wife and co-host , Kimberly and I will be reviewing the new film regarding the vaccine cover up called VAXXED. Most of the people in this documentary we know personally (to include Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Hooker) and we were lucky enough to have been allowed to view the film in our home. Partly because we were planning on doing this review; but primarily because our very own son, Kaden was in the film.

Linderman Unleashed: Vaccine … Vaccine & More On … Vaccines

On this week’s edition of Linderman Unleashed…I’m talking about…You guessed it…Vaccines! I’ll be giving you the run down on the 10 presidential candidates for president of the United States regarding their stances on the vaccine issue. This is one of my key issues that I study when looking at any politician, be it local, state or federal.

Linderman Unleashed: Politics, Power & Pharma

Today (01/15/16), Politics, Power & Pharma. We will also discuss – Regular listeners know that I Like Discussing Prepper Issues & This Week’s Prepper Tip is the 12 items that you should have that are normally Overlooked. Get ready for An Ear-Full!! We are Off and Running for 2016 … DON’T MISS IT!