4 Family Justice Bio

There is No Doubt “Child Protective Services” across multiple countries is in Complete Disarray. Hundreds of thousands of children are currently in the system in the USA alone. Today our Parental Rights are in shambles, as are our Families. Each week Melissa Diegel and Karla Johnson will delve into this topic on a massive but intimate scale, something they are very qualified to do. Please listen, learn and understand.

4 Family Justice: Life After Parental Termination

Melissa Diegel talks candidly about life after parental termination. She encourages parents not to loose hope. CPS is much like a bomb that is placed in the middle of a family and once it goes off it leaves shrapnel everywhere causing extreme trauma. Every family member deals with it differently. How are you coping?


Arizona DCS is requesting increased funding of “$105 Million Dollars” Which brings their Total request to Nearly a BILLION Dollars. DCS plans to allocate more money for Foster care and administrative costs. These “administrative” costs are really lining whose pockets? – Listen to this Revealing show & read article at link.