Bio: Leslie Carol Botha


Women’s Health Educator, Author, Publisher, and 
Internationally Recognized Expert on Women’s Hormones and Behaviors
Co-author of Understanding Your Mind, Mood, and Hormone Cycle

35 years as a broadcast journalist with her widely acclaimed radio show, Holy Hormones Honey!
Leslie Carol Botha, Women’s Health Educator, author, publisher, and broadcast journalist is an internationally recognized expert on women’s hormone health.  Her work emphasizes the significance of the hormone cycle and its profound relationship to women’s psyche. Botha’s 30 years of research demonstrates how hormone changes/fluctuations in the menstrual cycle affect women’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Botha posts her research and articles on women’s hormonal health on her blog Holy Hormones Journal.
Botha is a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, and an advisory board member for the Cycles Research Institute.
In 2006, Botha received the Edward R. Dewey Award for her pioneering research on how women’s hormonal fluctuations affect their behaviors by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.
Her research is also featured in a book entitled: The World According to Cycles- How Recurring Forces Can Predict the Future and Change Your Life by Samuel A. Schreiner, Jr., published by Skyhorse Publishing, New York City, 2009. Schreiner has noted that Botha is “….one of the most prominent twenty-first century natural cycle thinkers.”
In 2014, Botha’s work appeared was included in a book entitled: Teenage Girls: The Guide for Health, Wellness & Self Esteem, by Professional Woman Publishing
In 2013, Botha and her co-author H. Sandra Chevalier- Batik released their groundbreaking book entitled: Understanding Your Mind, Mood, and Hormone Cycle; the first in a series on menstrual health education. The book explores on the very essence of a woman’s being — the fundamental nature of the female hormone cycle; and was written to fill the void of practical, endocrine system and menstrual health education that focuses on understanding the delicate mind/body connection; the neuro-endocrine-immune system — an innate connection with the power to bring about health or disease.
Over the past seven years, Botha has been heavily involved and dedicated in using the media to share information with the public about the potential dangers of the HPV vaccines. She is a member of and is one of six women who presented research and data to the FDA in March of 2010 on the alarming statistics of Gardasil and Cervarix deaths, injuries and harm in comparison to other vaccines.
Botha is the Public Relations Director for the One More Girl Movie, about the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix. The publicly funded documentary will document the concerns that researchers, scientists and educators have about the vaccine – as well as shares heart-breaking interviews of parents and families whose daughters whose lives have been irrevocably damaged by the vaccines.
She is currently the Communication’s Manager for the A Shot of Truth campaign sponsored by the Focus Autism Inc., an organization dedicated to providing education, investigation, advocacy and science to the public that exposes the cause or causes of the autism epidemic and the rise of chronic illnesses in general with a specific focus on the role of vaccinations.

Holy Hormones Honey! – is about women’s health, women’s issues and women’s perspectives on issues. Eve Ensler wrote the following in her book, In the Body of the World – “Hysteria is a word used to make women feel insane for knowing what they know.” And then she asks: what is the non-hysterical response to domestic violence, genital mutilation, sexual assault and abuse?
We can add to that list by asking what is the non-hysterical response to war; the beheading of innocent children and journalists? What is the non-hysterical response to gendercide, infanticide, and eldercide? What is the non-hysterical response to the court taking children and handing them over to an abusive husband?
Show host Leslie Carol Botha has been a committed spokesperson on women’s issues for over 35 years. She is well-read, well-researched and is now bringing her voice to the tableau by getting women to understand that the world around us is not our reality. And because we have forgotten and/or have been denied in giving voice to knowing what we know – we have become shamed, vulnerable, medicalized and objectified.
It is time to change the conversation – and in doing so change the world.
Holy Hormones Honey! is entertaining, informative, educational, irreverent and inspirational.

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